12 Bathtub design ideas and for inspiration

What could become more relaxing when compared to a nice long soak? The response: soaking in a tub that appears as effective as it feels! As it pertains time to relax, sliding into those shimmering suds feels as though a mini-vacation. And in comparison to striking the spa for a few well-deserved “me time”, a lavish tub can be an indulgence that will pay again for itself time and time. Whether you are considering the latest features or maybe want something that fits your carefully coordinated decor, this curated assortment of designer bathtubs will inspire. So dim the lamps, placed on some gentle music, and sink in to the tub of your dreams.


1.Clean and well balanced irresistibly. Fixtures devoted to the wall of the tub can accommodate an occupant lounging in either direction.

image source : Silvia Saez

2.A understated pedestal allows a lighter cosmetic than designs that recovery on to the floor. The slender sink lacks any extra or ornamentation, allowing its elegant curvature to fully capture the spotlight.

image source : 747 Studios

3.A distinct feature retains the hardware and doubles as the perfect destination to set a publication or a glass of wines – very functional, and a pleasure to check out.

image source : Carlo Maura

4.An ovoid tub is the crown jewel of any minimalistic bathroom. This design features a subtle overflow and faucet so the comforting condition can take center stage.

image source : Vic Nguyen

5.You can fall deeply in love with this bathroom. This spherical tub includes a marginally curled rim and a precise bottom level border. The tiniest details make all the difference in an area seen as a its simplicity.

image source : Vic Nguyen

6.Perfect symmetry, lighted with a whimsical suspending light design that drenches the occupant with a smooth glow.

image source : Image Box Studios


7.The easy satin end makes this dark freestanding bath tub a pleasure to behold. The somewhat recessed tile underneath can be an especially motivating touch.

image source : Javier Wainstein


8.A bathroom as daring as this one certainly should get a truly distinctive bath tub. The Cuna tub, by Patricia Urquiola, is braced with a tubular bronze framework for a feeling of beauty and composition.

image source : Lorenzo Pennati

9.This glossy bath tub is the perfect part to complete a bathroom graced with a good amount of day light, but its minimalistic form can work well in nearly every space.

image : Paulo Rosario

10.Clow fat lines for a everyday space. The thicker rim on the external edge looks efficient, weighty, and appealing visually.

image source : Eloisa Conti 

11.A unique recessed setting up allows the fine ends of the design to stick out from its beautiful alcove, than being covered because of it somewhat.

image source : Anna Fedyukina

12.In its environment, this tub is beautiful fiercely, stark, and eye-catching.

image source : Image Box Studios

12 Bathtub design ideas and for inspiration
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