DIY Brown Paper Flooring Ideas

Living in a comfortable house in the middle of meadow with great neighborhood is a dream for everyone. Then time flies, your surrounding is perhaps not as green as before and your neighborhood goes more and more crowded even your house and all furniture in it is going to be dated. The paint is getting dull and the scratch is everywhere on your floor. But you don’t need to worry about the floor anymore. Here is some DIY Brown Paper Flooring Ideas for you to try with super affordable bucks.

DIY Brown Paper Flooring Ideas 2
Preparation for DIY Brown Paper Flooring Ideas
In order to turn your plywood or vinyl floor into brown vintage- looked floor, you need to prepare the following stuffs: some rolls of brown craft paper, Elmer’s glue, paint brush, and roller stay. You may also add some stain, but it will take more time to completely dry.

How to start your DIY Brown Paper Flooring Ideas Project
First of all, prepare the floor. I suggest that you pick the room with the smallest floor in your house for your first project. You may go on with the larger room after completing this one. Get rid of all the things left on your floor such as carpet, pad, staples, nail, etc. if you find some holes or uneven spots, fix this matter first before you start.

Now prepare the paper. Tear the paper into pieces. If you want more wrinkles on the floor, you may tear it into smaller pieces. The size will influence the wrinkles. It depends on the look you would like to come up with. You may try with pieces with diameter 6” to 12’. Crumple the pieces into balls and throw them into pile.

Next, pour the glue into the jar and add some water. Do not waste your glue, remember that you may need some minutes for a break or taking care another business. Make sure that you pour perfect amount of glue for your first project. 3:1 ratio of water to glue will perfectly work so far. Mix the glue and water until they completely blend. Stir them well with paint brush.

Dunk some balls into the jar; around 5 to 6 will be good. Don’t leave the balls on the glue for a long time, it will break the balls. As soon as you submerge the balls on the glue, squeeze it and pull it one by one and apply it on the floor. Brown wrinkled paper is now set on your floor. You may repeat the process if necessary. You can use roller stay to flatten your floor.

DIY Brown Paper Flooring Ideas
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