Great Paper Flooring Ideas To Try In Your Own House

There are many kinds of flooring products available on the market. They range from cheap to expensive flooring systems which use diffirent kinds of materials. If they look very usual and you want to try something new, you can try DIY flooring systems such as paper flooring. DIY flooring project will certainly make your floor look different and new. Have you heard about this paper flooring? If you never heard, here are some paper flooring ideas that you can try at home.

Why paper flooring ideas?
Some people don’t like to take care of carpet in many kinds of room, especially the room that they often use. One of the reasons why they don’t like it maybe because they think it can be dirty easily and they can not stand it. Other people may avoid wood flooring and other because they cost much money and they need to have a certain skill to install it. Therefore, they can look for another alternative which is chep. One of the latest trend you should try paper flooring ideas. Don’t worry if have no experiences on DIY flooring because it can be done by anyone.
There are a lot of information sources in the internet about this paper flooring ideas, that can give you a huge help. Here are some instructons to follow if you really want to try it. As the first experiement, you can try paper bag as your flooring that can look more sophisticated and much cheaper. You spend only little amount of money and yiu can just simply collect used brown paper bags from grocery shopping store and if you do not have enough paper you can get it from your friends and neighbors. You can actually make it more creative by utilizing other kinds of paper, like magazine or pictures. It will bet if do this DIY project in some different rooms. You may use colourful paper materials to make it more attractive.
Here are some steps that you can follow:
– Prepare your specific paper and then rip the paper into pieces. Make sure that you put it in the right position. You can put the print side down or facing up.
– Separate the pieces that have straight edges from those with uneven edges.
– Crumple each piece of the paper.
– Straighten each piece out and crumple it again for the second time.
– Straighten all pieces out and crumple it again, to find good measure.
– Gently massage your hands to prepare
– Take white glue which is mixed with with water (50/50) and blend it well. Use a paintbrush to paint the back of the first piece of paper with the mixture. Don’t begin from the edge pieces, but start from the “floating stones” first.
– Apply your paper on the floor and paint the top of the paper with the mixture.
– Repeat this until the floor is thorougly covered
– Wait for it until it is dry.
– When it is dry, apply a coat of polyurethane.

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Great Paper Flooring Ideas To Try In Your Own House
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