How to Choose Furniture for Breakfast Bar Ideas For Small Kitchens

Life is getting more and more dynamic nowadays. People do not life in a huge Castile just like the old days. They live in a small multifunction flat with lot of sophisticated furniture in it. Since most of the flat is tiny, people need to be smart about what they are going to put in. They may have limited space for bedroom, living room even kitchen, still they need to use their kitchen as the way it is. Therefore they need to be creative, and here are some thoughtful advices on how to choose furniture breakfast bar ideas for small kitchen.

First step of installing breakfast bar ideas for small kitchen is measuring the space available. It is crucial for people to exactly know how much space they have and what furniture that probably fit in. Do not greedy with the furniture, it is better for you to have some space left for your mobilization.

Next is about dual purpose kitchen. You are going to install kitchen which is function as both, cooking zone and breakfast or dining area. Make sure you think carefully about the detail such us lighting, sanity and accessibility. On top of that, you are only have limited space, wisely choose your components. Having additional storage via drawers, shelves or hooks will be a good idea.

Having a counter space is a must for integrated breakfast bar kitchen. This way you can use this multifunction long table for cooking preparation or having meal on it. Beneath this counter, you may put some additional drawers for dishes storage or other tools. It suggested that you choose chairs without arm holder; this will help you to easily keep it below the table.

Another pinpoint in choosing your furniture is about the material. Think about its durability and longevity. You are going to eat and cook at the same place; it is strongly recommended that you choose stain-less furniture so you can easily clean all the mess. Dark wood cabinet may be look good on your small kitchen, you may contrast it with bright white counter or chair which must be have the same color tone with your wall and your floor.

In choosing furniture for your breakfast bar ideas for small kitchen you should better choose timeless and durable furniture. This will help you not only save some space on your kitchen but also your budget. You may also add some accessories to beautify your kitchen such as lamp, painting or small green plants.

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