Recessed Wall Niche Decorating Ideas For more beautiful look

Boring and plain wall can be improved by installing decorative wall niches and that is why many people think that installing a recessed wall niche will surely add the beauty and attractivenee of your room. However, if we can not decorate if proporsionally, it will just make the design worse. If you are looking for recessed wall niche decorating ideas, and you are also not sure what to decorate with your wall niche, here are some foolproof ways to feature, fill, conceal, and turn that space into a more positive and beautiful look.

Recessed Wall Niche Decorating1. Firewood. A useful and classic use of a niche near your house fireplace is to store clean firewood, which will create a beautiful and amazing rustic effect although you don’t really burn the logs in the fireplace. Any small sizes of logs can actually fill any shapes of niche, which turns an odd angle and a rounded edge into a fun feature.
2. Firewood and art. The appearance of stacked wood will work not only in a traditional settng but also in a modern setting. Try to get creative things with it and put some art, or you also can paint the ends of the logs in a bright color to add interesting pops of color.
3. Shelves. Putting shelves which can hang inside a shallow wall niche can be one of the most useful and efficient uses for these spaces. It will give you extra place for storage and display, and it can turn what looks like an unusual area into an area that looks well planned and organized.
4. Bright hues. You have to keep in mind that an alcove doesn’t need to be shy. Try to make a center of attention like applying some kinds of bright paint. If the niche you are installing has no physical border, just tape off a one until two-inch edge before you paint it in order to give a more powerful physical presence.
5. Mirrors and glass. It is good to fill the alcove with a glass shelve and a mirror because it will add much-layered depth which can make the niche almost like a passageway into a distant room or like a window. Therefore, the overall effect extends the apparent view so the room and niche look bigger.
6. Grating. Instead of filling the niche between the adjacent foyer and the front room with drywall, it is better to add decorative wrought iron grating to surely add structure and to keep the open feeling. And then, the spaces will look better defined.
7. Open storage and reading books. The alcove located under a stairway usually function as closed storage because of its unusual shape. However, it can actually become a nice reading space and open storage for coats, bags and some accessories that are stashed behind doors.
8. Furniture. When you fill the niche with furniture stuff, you can make it for something subtle which blends in with room walls, or you can take this opportunity to make a feature, such as a jewel in a case.
That’s all recessed wall niche decorating ideas you can try for your house. I hope those can inspire your creativities


Recessed Wall Niche Decorating Ideas For more beautiful look
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