Stairs Wall Decoration Ideas For Minimalist House

Super limited space in a minimalist house often insists people to push their creativity to turn out their boring stairs wall into something sophisticated. Minimalist house concept is identical with rigid white and grey colors which give them spacious look. Here are some simple stairs wall decoration ideas for minimalist house.


First thing first, decide what kind of people you are. What kind of thing you like the most and what kind of thing you do best. These thoughtful questions will definitely help you to décor your stairs wall. If you are kind of adventurous people with tons of photos stock, you may use your adventurous pictures to décor you wall. Don’t just put random photos on your wall; you need some thoughts about the theme, background or even shape. I suggest you to have gray pictures rather than colorful ones.

“What kind of thing you like the most” will lead you define stairs wall decoration ideas. For instance you are a book lover, you may use your books for decorations. This one is perfect ideas for your minimalist house. You have both, shelves to keep your valuable books and decoration to beautify your house. If you would like to bring this idea in your house, you need to keep it in mind that you need to make sure that your stairs have enough space, don’t let this idea being an obstacle for your mobilization.

If you are someone with hands full of creativity, stairs wall decoration ideas won’t be a big deal. A mural wall will be a great then. Make sure that your mural colors work together with other elements of your house. Do not exaggerating in choosing the colors, arranging some lights will help you to show off your hand works.

You may also décor your stairs wall as a wall of Memorabilia. Choose wisely some photos of precious moments which are hold by your family. Take the best fames and put the photos inside. Now, arrange the fames based on your preferences and make sure it looks great on your wall. You may have fames with different sizes, but it should have the same tone colors. On top of that, you may seriously consider about the background.

Those are some ideas about stairs wall decoration ideas on your minimalist house. Do not hesitate to try one of them. It is worth to put some efforts to turn a flat boring stairs wall into a sophisticated one.

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