The Art Deco Shades In The Living Room : 30 Inspired Idea

Art deco is a decorative style that was born after World War I and ending before World War II. The implementation of this style is used in various areas such as the stylish exterior, interior furniture, statue, posters, dress jewelry from the year 1920-1939.

For you who this to create the impression to the simple yet decorative, you can apply style art deco shelter. This style can you try to apply in the guest room for a different nuance in the interior of the house.

To present art deco style, you can play using heading colors combination. Yes, you can try to apply for the bright colors combined with bright colors. Then, combine with furniture or elements of the tubes room that has a special design art deco.

For the guest room art deco style will be more suitable if wearing the color of fox on the wall. The United States the main colors of the dominant, this color also applies on the floor. Specially formulated to make the guest room visible light, warm, but facial soft word and lightweight.combine the couch, arm chair and coffee table, table brown color corner of old elements of the tubes room that is identical with the special decoration art deco.

Integrate the couch, arm chair, and brown color leather sofa and coffee table, table brown color corner of the elders. Add the ornaments such as cushions, curtains the color of dark gray, and pictures with sculpted frame. Select the elements of the tubes room that is identical with the special decoration art deco. This is to strengthen the theme that you believed.

Then the design of the ceiling height and cap tightly onto the window or the door that the stripe can also be elements that make the nuances of art deco is becoming more and more visible on the guest room in your house.

Art deco style is an old design that is very appropriate to be applied in the interior of the house. This design has the most outstanding characteristic of the form and the details that tend to be simple. For the elements of the field, for example, styles acres enough to play colors.

This is 30 best idea about art deco living room :

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