The Pros And Cons Of Concrete Floors

Much like all flooring materials concrete has an assortment of benefits that salesmen and installers will tout when attempting to promote their product. That’s the reason why it is important to comprehend the good as well as the bad, before choosing go with handled or bare concrete in a specific location and to strip out other floors.

Obviously, concrete is heavy. If you’re setting up new concrete floors on grade, the weight won’t be a problem. If you’re looking to install concrete above a sub floor supported by joists, you’ll need a structural engineer to decide if your flooring can stand the weight. Lightweight concrete might be an answer.

Pros And Cons Of Concrete Floors 1

Easy to Maintain: Maintaining a concrete floor looking its finest will only need a minimum amount of upkeep. Other then you could use a soap that is neutral to mop the floor clean occasionally. A utility pad that was blue can be employed for especially stubborn stains.

Which means that installing a floor is really just un-installing something that has been placed over it.

Versatile: As long as the concrete is smooth and free from holes, bumps, and defects, you’ve the choice of installing any floor area covering that you simply want over it at a later date.
This gives you a lot of style freedom in the years ahead. Please note that an underlayment might need to be installed between the material that is new along with the concrete which you select.

Long Lasting: A and properly maintained concrete floor can last indefinitely. Even in industrial applications it might survive under high traffic conditions for years to come. This saves cash, while also preventing the headache of being forced to get new flooring installed occasionally to you.

Design Options: When most people feel of concrete floors they believe of unpleasant gray surfaces with textures that are bumpy that are sharp. However modern improvements in concrete setting and mixing have allowed designers to attain an end Less number of color and texture effects utilizing this versatile substance.

In some cases coloration will be mixed directly to the concrete before the s Lab is placed. For floors that are already installed you paint over it using a water proof latex paint, use an appropriate dye or staining agent, or can either acid stain the surface.

The texture of the concrete may be produced smooth during the installation process. Alternatively attractive textural styles may be carved to the surface while it is still setting. You also have the choice of polishing the substance to some smooth sheen, or etching it to produce a faux tile effect

Hardness: There’s no denying that concrete is difficult under foot, a quality that some find unpleasant. It’s also unforgiving — a dropped glass definitely won’t survive — and it might be a problem if there are small children or elderly folks in your family. Area rugs can help reduce worries.
Dampness: In below-grade basements, dampness migrating up from beneath the slab will make concrete unacceptably moist and harm any surface treatments, such as paint. Proper sealing of the concrete helps, as does mitigation of any outside problem areas like leaky gutters and soil drainage.
-Environmentally suspect: While concrete itself is a biodegradable material, of making cement, the process requires a lot of power and creates carbon dioxide. Compared to other building materials including wood steel and glass, concrete has the most embodied energy.

Cracking: Like it or not expertly concrete that is installed might produce cracks over time. That’s because the huge expanse of a slab needs to endure adjustments in temperature, moisture, and settling. Cracks are helped by colored cement paste and patching components.

The Pros And Cons Of Concrete Floors
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