The Lvt Flooring Pros And Cons

LVT (Luxury vinyl tile) also supplies a whole lot of flexibility design-wise. Along with wood and stone seems, you will find graphic patterns, block colours and unusual textures also available like mosaic pebbles or stainless steel panels — see below for our round-up of their largest LVT design trends. What is more, as vinyl wood flooring is frequently installed as a floating floor, in addition, it offers less permanent flooring solutions compared to genuine materials. This is a huge plus for both interior design magpies and people who aren’t still alive in their “forever home”.

For each of the above reasons, luxury vinyl boards and tiles are now being featured in all regions of the house. Whereas vinyl was considered only acceptable for less visible areas of a home such as the laundry area, or in locations where you’d anticipate its durability and water resistance to be useful like kitchens and bathrooms, designers are now using it anywhere!

With so many things to factor in, it is great to know the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of flooring.

The Lvt(Luxury vinyl tile) Flooring Pros

Luxury Vinyl Tile

  • Maintenance: Regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping can keep this floors for several decades. LVT is simple to clean and maintain and is guaranteed to keep its vibrant colour much longer than ceramic tile or plastic. Avoid vacuums which use a beater brush, since these may lead to damage to the ground
  • Durability: Luxury vinyl tile is highly durable and scratch-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for heavy foot traffic areas.
  • DESIGN CHOICES: LVT provides a large range of layout choices, mimicking the appearance of natural stone or timber in a fraction of the cost, and with no complex maintenance requirements. It can even mimic a number of the texture of natural stone or wood, since the pattern of wood grain, as an example, can be embossed to the tile to give it a more realistic texture.
  • Quick installation – A normal installation can be finished in half the time that it takes to finish a comparable ceramic tile installation.

The Lvt(Luxury vinyl tile) Flooring Cons

  • Transitions: Manufacturers need to address transitions, as the only option right now is melting bare wood pieces to match.
  • COST: When people hear the term vinyl, it has long been associated with inexpensive. Luxury Vinyl Tile can purchase up to some standard hardwood or ceramic tile. So, if you are thinking that LVT will likely be cheap, or cost just a little more than your standard vinyl “peel and stick” shingles, then you will be surprised at the purchase price gap.

LVT is relatively new in the floors market but has taken off rapidly. It’s a choice that feels amazing, provides a whole lot of options for colour and style, and is extremely durable.

The post above will provide you a good idea of cons and pro LVT is, its many advantages and if it’s the ideal choice for your beautiful home.

The Lvt Flooring Pros And Cons
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