Acacia Flooring Pros And Cons

One of hardwood flooring options, acacia wood stands out as a versatile choice. This exotic wood could give a vibrant appearance to any room, fitting in with several décor styles and interior designs. Discover how the stain and plank options, together with the wood’s natural grain, provide a banquet of decorating inspiration for homeowners.

Due to its stunning beauty and sophistication, acacia wood flooring is a favored flooring choice among homeowners. The exceptional swirling patterns and outstanding color variations have made it popular amongst the masses. It’s a worthy investment for a homeowner that has a new home or having a renovating job for any portion of the home. Here are some of the acacia flooring Pros And Cons.

Acacia Flooring

Acacia Flooring Pros

-Durable – these floors endure for a longer time compared to the floors composed of other materials. So, if you would like real value for the money, you should go for floors comprising acacia. These hardwood floors are very sturdy and continue for several years.Compared to maple and oak, acacia is much more lasting. It can resist wear and lasts longer compared to walnut and oak.

-A variety of colors: you’ll be able to discover this hardwood in a assortment of subdued and flamboyant colors and textures. Its deep-set grains provide you with a smooth and powerful pattern, adding to its elegance.

-Resistant -Moisture is vital for mold formation. Thus, because it doesn’t remain moist, it resists moisture because well.Remarkably, acacia wood is fire resistant, also. It doesn’t indicate that it can not burn because it is not fire-proof. However, it requires exposure to elevated temperature for quite a long time before the cellulose of the wood begins to degrade.

-Easy to install – acacia wood floors are easy to install. They’re specially designed for simple installation over your existing flooring. There is absolutely no requirement of gluing and nailing them. There are so many homeowners that can install these floors by themselves. You’ll have a terrific time designing your possessing room all due to the ease of installation.

-Low Care -Acacia flooring is easily maintained with sweeping or just-damp mopping, so the flooring won’t trap allergens and dirt like carpet does, and no special cleaners are needed.

Acacia Flooring Cons

Brief Plank – Acacia plants utilized for its own wood for flooring are usually shrubs or short trees. Thus, the wood taken from them aren’t that long. The boards taken from them are also short. Long planks are not possible.

Price – Acacia wood is quite expensive compared to other hardwoods.

Shrinkage – Acacia flooring problems occur when the timber hasn’t been properly kiln dried and at quite dry homes.The acacia wood must undergo a drying process in the kiln and stored in very dry storage places. Without these procedures, as time passes, the moisture from the wood will evaporate, and the wood can shrink.

Acacia Flooring has a rich and Classy look, Therefore it’s just right for Resorts, etc.. They’re also appropriate for homes and offices. Smooth to touch, its antique style imitates the handmade counterpart, as a result of distinct and innovative sorts of craftsmanship, makes the flooring look natural with its distinct grain.
Besides, it’s genuine hardwood which could be hand-scraped. It’s worth considering these factors before going headlong into buying flooring material that won’t give you lifelong gratification

Acacia wood is a terrific wood for flooring due to the ideal balance between its durability and beauty. Like other woods for floors, however, it’s its sets of advantages and pitfalls.

The disadvantages of Acacia wood, however, is not that great. Either you do away with them, or you arrive in a workaround to cope with these disadvantages.



Acacia Flooring Pros And Cons
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