17 Inspiring Design Ideas Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Modern design started around World War I and featured horizontal surfaces, geometric forms, and minimal ornamentation. Modern kitchen cabinets are characterized by this slick, more angular design with an ease in their own doors and frames. The Recent modern design reflects a tendency towards midcentury modern furniture, which includes bold curves and angles. This design can be translated into contemporary kitchen cabinetry too. Modern kitchen islands may harbor contemporary cabinets that reflect this angular or curved appearance and also feature up-to-date elements to keep cookware and dishware.

Materials common in modern kitchen cabinets tend to be man-made and can consist of metal, plastic, concrete, and glass. Replacing old cupboard doors with frosted glass ones is an easy and cost-effective way to make your kitchen more modern. Contemporary kitchen cabinets can also be faced with timber veneer or plastic laminate. To accomplish the characteristic modern appearance, you can use wood veneer with an exaggerated flat grain pattern. Mixed materials can also be featured in modern kitchen design.

While conventional kitchen cabinets tend to be manufactured from one type of timber throughout, contemporary kitchen cabinets can combine materials such as wood, laminates, glass and metal to accomplish a more unique texture.

Here are 17 Inspiring Design Ideas Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Metal Steel Kitchen Cabinets
This clean, minimalist design provides the illusion that this isn’t even a kitchen that the cupboards become a sheet of trendy furniture or artwork, rather.

If a concealed kitchen appeals to you, then this exceptional look may be yours. You would need to consult with a metal fabricator and cupboard door maker to have these custom cabinets made to your specifications. 1 thing to remember: hot-rolled galvanized steel will result in a different look each time, no two will ever be the same

Metal Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Could Still Have Color

When many think of a contemporary kitchen, their minds immediately envision a slick white or black kitchen void of bright colours, but color can be contemporary, also.

Or bright cobalt blue? All of these colors may be used in conjunction with modern decor. Particularly when it comes to mid-century modern decor — well-placed color and pattern is king with this epic age of fashion.

If you would like to add a flourish of color to your kitchen, then contemplate colored cabinets. You might decide to use just a touch of color via one or two upper cupboards, or move for a big bang with an entire fiery red kitchen — either way, it is going to make a massive style statement.

Just make sure you adore the color before committing. You will be seeing it every day (until you have coffee in the morning), therefore it must be a color you can live with.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Could Still Have Color

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Modern Wooden Retro

There was something about the 70’s and each of the psychedelia of the era that’s managed to remain a stronghold in kitchen decor — smooth concentricity. Blend the flowing lines using new materials such as lighter wood and concrete for a modern appearance. The new trend of appliance garages — complete with aluminum doors which slide down to hide them when not in use — can be installed with white Corian cabinets to get a remarkable statement. Add indirect halogen or LED light to keep the area inviting to the night.

Modern Wooden Retro Kitchen Cabinet

– Beautiful and Bold Modern Kitchen Cabinet Idea

If you walk into a home that features kitchens with modern cabinets, then you really cannot picture it in mind before seeing it as they’re so particular to the founder. A traditional kitchen brings to mind wooden cabinets set off by trim or wallpaper. You may picture dish towels and curtains boasting roosters and apples. Modern cabinets scoff at this picture with an in-your-face announcement that states it is now their time to shine. No more are they a home decoration afterthought; they are the focal points!

Beautiful and Bold Modern Kitchen Cabinet Idea

– Backlit Sensations

If you would like something truly charming in your kitchen cabinets, look no farther than Mal Corboy. These beauties are famous the world over for their usage of surprising materials and innovative lighting built right into highlight their own beauty. You can’t skim through a catalog of these distinctive pieces, however, because they are one-of-a-kind creations created specifically for each individual customer. When you’re stuck with kitchen layout ideas, just searching through these stunning pictures of kitchen cabinets can give you a myriad of ideas of the magic which may be yours.

Backlit Modern Kitchen Cabinet Idea 1

-Shelves and Cubbies

This ultra-urban kitchen oozes with charm in each nook and cranny. Oversized kitchen storage cabinets hide your appliances and jumble, but only those you would like to get hidden. They are surrounded by an excellent collection of hooks, shelves and colored, semi-see-through glass doors to hang, location, and half show-off every trinket you can think of. Shifting the scene up in a kitchen like this is as straightforward as hanging something fresh or repainting the shelves — how cool is that?

Shelves and Cubbies Modern Kitchen Cabinet

-Lacquered kitchen cabinets are just like a newly painted car parked in your kitchen– bright, shiny and full of color. Lacquer cabinets are manufactured by a process of applying numerous coats of lacquer, followed by polishing and waxing.

If done properly, lacquer finishes can be durable and scratch-resistant. But most folks would say that this type of finish isn’t the perfect option for busy households with children because lacquer was proven to chip.

If you’re ready to risk this, then the high-gloss shine of lacquer cabinets might be the choice for your modern kitchen cabinetry, as its sleek aesthetic is unmatched. You are able to get lacquer cabinets in virtually any colour of your choosing, but be aware that so as to keep that glossy sheen, you must wash them correctly.

There are numerous products out there which claim to clean lacquer, but just make sure you use the ideal item as some chemicals can actually eat away at the finish.

If that is your cabinet choice, it’s probably best to ask the producer for cleaning instructions.

Lacquered Modern Kitchen Cabinet

– the Rainbow

Can not decide on a color for your cabinets? Why not use all of them? If this inventive color choice does not inspire you, I am not sure what will. This is perfect for people who desire artistic inspiration with their morning cup of coffee or for people who just make a decision to be more indecisive. When going this bold, little else is required in the method of color or accessories because the cabinets speak for themselves. Subdued white furnishings and tile with a light wood floor let these cabinet fronts stand out and function as the focal point that they are meant to be.

Rainbow Modern Kitchen Cabinet

– Everything About the Lighting

Stainless steel appliances and custom stainless closets make this kitchen glow. What REALLY makes this kitchen shine, though, is the strategic placement of some fabulous lighting. The area would be different enough with the track lighting and those over the stove, but the turquoise rope lighting running the length of the lower cupboards creates an out-of-this-world glow.

Lighting Modern Kitchen Cabinet

– Retro Red Modern Kitchen Cabibet

From old time diners to fiery ’57 Chevies, the color can make 1 reminisce of times which were as straightforward as they were tumultuous. This duality can glow in houses too, providing a retro sense to some space in a highly modern manner, particularly in kitchens. Chrome gives way to stainless here, together with the hardware embellishments and the built-in oven and microwave. When going bold with red cabinetry, be sure to keep the space balanced by maintaining other colours to a minimum — black and white are all you want.

Retro Red Modern Kitchen Cabibet

– Black Beauty

Who says you can’t possess black cabinets? These images of kitchen cabinets show the wide selection of choices available, and they’re genuinely endless. The black kitchen storage cabinets featured here do not contain any hardware, but if you would like to have it, chrome would provide the space an even edgier look and is ideal for this bachelor-pad design. Any color moves with black, however, the red inset here actually lends a distinctive lively to the space. What colour would you match with black cabinets?

Black Beauty Modern Kitchen Cabibet

– Dramatic Color

Can you like the colour blocking trend of modern cabinets but are afraid to attempt to pull the look off? Kitchen ideas containing modern cabinets of varying colors have taken off across the country, but you do not have to start off as daring as the images portray if you are new to the trend. Begin with small yet bright pops of vibrant colour and see how that goes, then move bigger with future changes. Conversely, if you want to jump right in, use a different vibrant color for each cupboard and show them off using a black backdrop!

Dramatic Color Modern Kitchen Cabibet

– Modern White Kitchen Cabinet

Nothing says clean and crisp quite like whitened. Everyone wants his or her kitchens to be clean, fresh and inviting, and one terrific way to achieve this is by making the kitchen white. Add more white, and then more! White wooden floors add a feeling of old-world luxury. The cream countertops give breaks to the beautifully and white tie in the ground to the white cabinets. Thermofoil kitchen cabinets produce a high-gloss look which is simple to clean, too.

Modern White Kitchen Cabinet

– Optimal Organization

Many times, there doesn’t appear to be enough space for all of the trinkets we wish to have in our kitchens — showcased or not. While cabinets are the main thing a individual sees and they should be aesthetically pleasing, it’s wise to remember they are primarily functional and have to offer space for storage. That doesn’t mean they must be boring, though.

Optimal Organization Modern Kitchen Cabinet

– Tertiary Touches

Long gone are the days when choosing cabinets boiled down to that timber grain has been the favorite and would suit our natural flooring the best. Today, the possibilities for color combinations vary as wildly as our imaginations will allow. If we could think it, somebody somewhere can make it happen. Colors aren’t an issue either. As you can see in the sudden splash of aquamarine ceramic tile in the backsplash to the pronounced purple of the lower cabinets, kitchen layout ideas can feature more colours than the latest Disney movie! Even more colour could be added with the support of your regional paint store. Be daring, be daring and most importantly, be you.

Lacquered Modern Kitchen Cabinet

17 Inspiring Design Ideas Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles
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