10 Magnificent Fireplaces, For Small Rooms

Not only is interior design an important aspect of everyday life, it also becomes vastly important when you are introduced to a small space. If a small space isn’t utilized the best with the interior design space will suffer and it will feel cramped, stale, or cluttered. You can’t just throw a bunch of random furniture into a random space, it needs to be planned to be utilized the best ti can be. This will help open up space and keep the interior design looking chic with a modern touch.

When you add in a fireplace into the mix, it becomes the automatic focal point of the room, it becomes the center at which you need to design around. Which is why this article will serve as a great way to inspire and influence your interior design skills, especially if you’re trying to design a small room around a fireplace.

1 Color Splash

Magnificent Fireplaces

We love this amazing use of color to brighten up this small breakfast nook. It brings a sense of brightness and really showcases the space in a colorful minimalistic way. The inclusion of the rustic floors and vintage rug, with the modern pop art feel of the art and yellow fireplace, it really comes together in a unique and creative way.


2 Classic Mod

Magnificent Fireplaces 2

This very traditional space is opened up because of the white fireplace, it adds warmth without cluttering the space with darker colors. The balance of this room is very livable and comfortable, making space feel cozy.


3 Bring On The Florals

Magnificent Fireplaces 3

Interior design is very important especially when it comes to utilizing a small space like this with tons of natural light. Playing with colors is much more possible in a space that has natural light because the light will act as the key to opening up the space to make it appear bigger. The amazing classic fireplace is a great addition to this space, it fits perfectly as to the focal point.


4 Finding The Balance

4 Finding The Balance

In some cases where space is close to being an open floor plan, you have to find a way to divide up space in a fair way that doesn’t seem too cluttered. In this case, the designer decided to create a dining table space on one side of the room and a living area centered in front of the fireplace.


5 A Dining Room Twist

Magnificent Fireplaces 5

You don’t always have to surround a fireplace with a living room, especially if it’s in a small space. You can design a space that works as a small breakfast nook or dining room, it’s a great and interesting dynamic that creates a unique space.


6 Boho Chic

Boho Chic

There’s always a cozy space when you combine a bedroom element with a fireplace. While this room is a bit small for a master bedroom, it works, because of how the fireplace creates such an intimate and fresh vibe for the entirety of the room. We also love how they’ve kept the colors light and simple, opening up space even more.


7 Minimalist Dreams

Minimalist Dreams

A small minimalist space will always look and feel bigger, but when you include a focal fireplace in the space, your need for additional decoration on the walls and surrounding areas is much less needed. If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep things simple, this is the perfect inspiration for you!


8 The Corner Nook

The Corner Nook

Sometimes in older homes or if you just want to bring in a rustic feel, log burners are the way to go, especially if you have a very small space. They’re actually very trendy right now and they will bring together space in a cozy and simple way.


9 Contrast


We love the white and grey accented walls with the black ornate fireplace. The contrast really brings the place together especially with the mix of natural materials and tones. This is a great option for you if you love a more bold space that is classically timeless in the modern age of design.


10 Small Focal Point

Small Focal Point

When you have a very extremely small space, sometimes it’s great to experiment with different ways to angle your furniture to make the most out of your space. This example is a great way to focus on a space that keeps in simple, livable, comfortable, and opens up the space to make the most out of its limitations.



No matter what your limitations are when you’re trying to design a space, you don’t have to let the square feet get in the way of the beauty of the interior design. Use the small space to your advantage and use these amazing inspirational designs as a guide for your space! You shouldn’t feel like you need to clutter up space just because there is a fireplace in the area. Not every room of the house that has a fireplace has to be a living room styled area. You can get out of your comfort zone and introduce other ways of designing the space. Don’t be afraid of making the focal point of a space with a fireplace a bedroom or even a small breakfast nook. This will create a unique space that will be eye-catching and modern.

What changes will you be making to your small space to make the most out of what you have?


10 Magnificent Fireplaces, For Small Rooms
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